Case Studies

Columbia Coastal Transport assists major Shipping Line with Stranded Freight due to Engine Fire

It is not always “smooth sailing” for cargo ships. Bad storms, heavy seas, and sometimes even shipboard fires can occur. Such was the case when an engine room fire broke out in a container ship, forcing it to make an emergency docking at the Port Tampa Bay.

The entire vessel had to be discharged immediately, and the shipping line scrambled to explore truck, rail and any other transportation means to move their freight to its final destination.

Ultimately, the carrier was left with 77 super-heavy loads that the rail lines rejected and trucks could not legally handle on the highways.

The shipping line then called Columbia Coastal Transport (CCT) to possibly assist with a barge to move the over-weight containers. The logistics arm of CCT, working in tandem with the steamship line, was able to identify even more freight to add to the barge so that the carrier would benefit from improved efficiencies.

In total, the barge was able to move over 320 containers out of the Port Tampa Bay. First, a voyage to New Orleans , then back to Tampa Bay where an additional containers were loaded and delivered to the Port of Houston.

CCT, in conjunction with the shipping line, was able to provide a swift and efficient solution to the time sensitive cargo handling needs of the shipping line. Columbia’s ability to handle multiple containers on their barges, as well as over-weight units, gives Columbia a distinct advantage when significant volumes of containers need to be relocated to other ports.

At the same time, with CCT’s support and expertise, the steamship line was able to successfully deliver its cargo to waiting customers at two different ports, without delay.