Leaders in the Maritime and Intermodal Industry

For over 25 years, Columbia Group has been providing solutions in the maritime and intermodal industries. We have the experience and solutions to resolve some of the industry’s toughest intermodal challenges through a variety of different service options. Our services are available on both the water and land side.

U. S. Flag Barge Container Service

Columbia has a fleet of container barges and provides reliable U.S. flag barge container services. We make it easier for large vessels to access more ports and capture more market share, while maintaining schedule integrity and reducing overall operating costs. Our barge services are a safer, more sustainable and more reliable way to move cargo between ports.

Chassis and Container Maintenance, Repair and Storage

On the land side, Columbia provides first-class maintenance and repair of chassis and shipping containers in the Port of New York and New Jersey and the Port of Boston. In addition, we operate and manage the Port of Boston chassis pool and manage the empty container depot for the largest marine terminal operator in the Port of New York and New Jersey. Columbia also provides trucking services to complement our intermodal equipment maintenance and repair and storage services.

Professional Team

Our highly qualified, highly-skilled team is ready to respond to your transportation and intermodal needs. Whether it means moving cargo via a barge from port to port or storing and maintaining your intermodal equipment we stand ready to assist.

We provide proven strategic planning and expert logistical management to respond to our customer’s most challenging transportation needs. We look forward to working with you.